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Introducing Women-Led and Organic Sock Company, Little River Sock Mill

May 30 2018

Little River Sock Mill

For someone that is always on the go and busy, It can be said that there is much joy when you are wearing matching socks. Gina Locklear, creator of Little River Sock Mill (LRSM), can attest to that. Growing up in Fort Payne, Alabama, which used to be known as the Sock Capital of the World, Locklear grew up surrounded by socks day in, day out. Her parents owned Emi-G Knitting, so she grew up with much knowledge and love for the manufacturing of socks and the process and people involved in making it.

As the economy and times changed, so did people's love for socks and other hosiery items. Manufacturing drastically declined across mills in Alabama, resulting in many people losing their jobs, as well as some mills formally closing down altogether. The thought and design of LRSM is led by a strong woman who works hard on wanting to improve her local economy. Locklear, with much love for her hometown, wanted to change people’s love for socks so she created Little River Sock Mill, a high-end specialty line of organic socks.  


Having garnered much attention from the likes of The New York Times, Martha Stewart, and yours truly, U by Karen Klein, we hope you fall in love with these beautiful socks as much as we have. Some of our favorites are the Polka Dot Anklet socks in the White/Black color for when you want a simplistic look that still looks fun. The beautiful floral designs of the Bohemian Floral Crew in the navy color, and the Striped Slouch in the color Sage for a more comfortable look. All of these beautiful socks are made in the U.S with certified organic cotton & low impact dyes. Through Locklear’s hard work and persistence, she hopes that Little River Sock Mill will bring business and identity to her hometown again, so as to uphold the title of Sock Capital of the World, one sock at a time.