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The Story of LUA Handmade Scarves

July 19 2018

Lua was conceived on an inspiring journey to the countryside in the Far East by co-designers Dat Tran and Pat Gough. Along sweeping rice fields and narrow unpaved roads, their trek lead them to a remote and charming community of rice farmers and skillful silk artisans. Taken by the beauty and quality of the exotic textiles, natural silk harvesting method, traditional weaving techniques, rich artistry and true handmade craftsmanship, they formed a partnership with the farmers to promote naturally made accessories and apparel.

Influenced by their California coastal lifestyle and drawing inspiration from their interspersed travels across the U.S. and around the world, Dat and Pat spend much of their time designing and merchandising at their Los Angeles loft space studio. The result is a distinctive and contemporary collection of original designed silk necklaces, true hand dyed and painted scarves in a captivating range of water colors, silk handbags, soft and luxurious apparel. The designers continually evolve the Lua brand through product expansion, ushering in other natural and ultra eco-friendly fibers, maintaining a fresh and fervently unique concept each new season.

A chance meeting helped shape a perfect partnership between the designers, silk farmers and skilled artisans. This opportunity enabled Dat and Pat to tell their story through their signature collections of handmade fashion accessories from pure and natural fibers while providing a sustainable livelihood for these beloved communities and their centuries old craft.

Much of silk yarns being used on Lua products are still processed by hand using traditional spindle.
On one of our early morning silk finding trek through vast rice fields.  The silk weavers working with us also tend these fields as a communal effort.
Our work provides small communities of skillful artisans that still believe in true and meticulous hand dyeing methods carefully working in smaller batch each time.
Each scarf is prepared and inspected before it is brought to the dyer.