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U by Karen Klein

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Note from CEO

August 08 2018

Note from CEO:

I believe that all women are created equal, and that the size on a clothing tag does not a woman make. We design unique and beautiful attire, and provide personalized styling advice to women who seek to simplify and modernize their wardrobes. Our designs help every woman project style and originality, and an overall sense of being confidently well-put together and comfortable in her own body.

We don’t hire professional models or try to portray an unrealistic view of what females “should look like”. In all of our images you will see friends, students, executives, mothers, entrepreneurs, and those who are working-mamas with busy schedules wanting to empower other women. We celebrate big, small, short, tall.

Our models come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. We are inclusive towards whomever wants to participate. The beauty of U by Karen Klein is that we don’t discriminate and showcase REAL women whom you can relate to.


Karen Klein